"This week, we look at the dull, rural town of Wheatland, Wyoming," begins episode #53 of the acclaimed comedy podcast Small Town Murder. The podcast warns that it is a comedy podcast, though they go out of their way not to make jokes at the expense of victims or victims families.

Every week, comedians James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman tell the story of a different murder case that happened in a small town. They start with telling you the basics about the town they are covering, including population, history, race and age make up, and crime statistics, and even a "real estate report" section that gives you a taste of the homes for sale or rent in the area.

Then it gets into the tale, setting the scene, introducing the characters, and following it through to the case's conclusion, usually including the final sentence of the offender. In this case, they chose a tale about Wheatland, Wyoming titled "Tragedy at the Trailer Park in Wheatland, WY." The podcast episode tells the story of Everett Conant III, a Wyoming man who was accused of killing his three young sons and his developmentally disabled brother back in 2011.

You can listen to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts or on their website. James and Jimmie will becoming through the area on their live podcast tour in November, titled the Shut Up and Give Me Murder Tour, when they make a stop in Denver, CO.

Please be advised, the podcast is comedic in nature and does make fun of Wheatland a fair amount.

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