"This week, in Sheridan, Wyoming, a twenty dollar debt leads to bad feelings, arguments, and confrontations: not to mention a body under the floorboards. Welcome to Small Town Murder." This is the opening line for Episode #96 - The Dismount Is The Problem... in Sheridan, Wyoming. 

The True Crime Comedy Podcast, Small Town Murder, has visited the Cowboy State once before, when they covered the triple murder that occurred in Wheatland, WY. 

Every week, comedians James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman tell the story of a different murder case that happened in a small town. They start with telling you the basics about the town they are covering, including population, history, race and age make up, and crime statistics, and even a "real estate report" section that gives you a taste of the homes for sale or rent in the area.

After that, they get into the nitty gritty of one case that happened in that small town. The hosts warn that, they are comedians and make jokes. Not everyone believes that true crime and comedy go together, so listener discretion is advised.

This case from Sheridan tells the tale of Shawn Osborne, who murdered his roommate, Gerald Bloom, over a debt of $20, and after a night of heavy drinking and drug abuse. Osborne, 29 at the time of the murder, was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Previously, Pietragallo and Whisman said that, as they moved forward in the production of the podcast, they would no longer adhere to the "hit all 50 states, then start over" format they had used previously, with the quip "We're probably gonna skip Wyoming a few times, because only five people live there and murder cases are impossible to find."

Looks like they found one after all.

The Small Town Murder crew also produces another podcast called "Crime in Sports," and is currently on a nationwide live-show tour that will be stopping for a sold-out show in Denver, CO next week.

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