National Park Service officials arrested two protesters who blocked the access road to the Stephens Creek bison quarantine facility early today, according to a news release from the Yellowstone National Park.

The protesters chained themselves to barrels they brought to the facility gate.

Operations at the facility were not disrupted.
For more information about Yellowstone National Park's bison management program, visit its website.


The protesters are from the Wild Buffalo Defense, according to the organization's Facebook page.

The protesters, identified as "Wolf" and "Coyote," blocked the gate with three 55 gallon drums filled with concrete, locking their arms inside the barrels. The three 1,000-pound drums prevented livestock trucks from taking the wild buffalo to slaughter, according to Wild Buffalo Defense.

The barrels were painted with the phrases, "Protect the Sacred" and "Honor the Treaties," highlighting how buffalo are sacred creatures to the Plains Indians, according to Wild Buffalo Defense.

The organization also took responsibility for the three people who were arrested last week in the same area. They were sentenced in federal court earlier this week to time served in jail, fines, and a five-year ban from entering the park.

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