Well, this wasn't something I would assume from people in Wyoming, but here we are. According to a study from the web publication, MoneyPenny, Wyomingites are tied for first as the state that calls in sick to work the most when they're not!

My wife is a manager in the service industry, so I get to hear about everyone calling in on their shifts, which usually means that I won't get to see her that day because she'll be stuck covering. It's a weekly thing. So, if we just counted that industry, the sample size I have, yes, that makes sense. But the service industry isn't the top industry in Wyoming, so I'm a little surprised by this study.

They surveyed 1,000 people for this study, while you look at that sample size, yes, they did have people from Wyoming in the survey and 100 percent of the Wyomingites in the survey admitted to calling in sick without being sick. So with that survey sample, we're apparently a bunch of fakers. I mean, I've done it before, but that was back in college and I felt so guilty and was paranoid that they wouldn't believe me. It stresses me out thinking about it now.

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Here's what I found interesting, it's not the entry-level or non-managers doing it, either.

Intriguingly, when we break down the data by seniority level, it’s actually owners and CEOs who are most likely to take an unneeded sick day, with almost two thirds (64%) admitting to having done so in their current role. Who’d have thought the boss would need to lie?

Following the trend, President- and Vice President-level employees are second likeliest (60%), while entry level (48%) and non-management level staff (48%) are least inclined to fake a sick day. Curiously, though senior management (49%) are slightly less likely than middle management (50%) to feign illness.

So, take what you will out of this survey, but, it is at least a little interesting that Wyoming landed first on this survey for fake call-ins.

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