Robert Sternberg announced his resignation from the University of Wyoming Thursday night.  Dr. Dick McGinty will step in as interim President.  


3:11 pm The trustees are currently in a recess.  Officials say progress is being made and an announcement will take place soon.

3:18 pm UW's Chad Baldwin says an announcement is coming shortly.

3:21 pm UW's David Bostrom says an update is moments away.

3:30 pm Trustees are beginning to reenter meeting room.

3:54 pm  CLICK HERE to see a photo from the meeting room. 

3:57 pm A UW spokesperson says there will not be an official announcement until 5:00 pm

4:09 pm UW's Jim Kearns says this will be a "major announcement regarding UW administration."

4:26 pm Trustees and media have been on campus for over 8 hours now.

4:32 pm Location for the 5:00 pm press conference will be Coe Library.

4:50 pm Members of the media are being briefed.

4:53 pm Press conference has now been delayed until 5:30 pm.

5:11 pm A very large crowd has gathered in Coe Library waiting for the announcement.

5:13 pm You can watch Robert Sternberg's most recent town hall meeting HERE.

5:16 pm Notables in attendance include:Tom Burman, Kevin McKinney, Chad Baldwin, David Bostrom, and Jim Kearns.

5:27 pm Trustees have reemerged after the delay.  Getting set for the announcement.

5:29 pm Hundreds of onlookers are awaiting the announcement.

5:31 pm ANNOUNCEMENT: Robert Sternberg has resigned his position as President of the University of Wyoming.

5:34 pm Dr. Dick McGinty will serve as interim President while a search begins.