The pandemic is taking its toll on everything and that includes the fall college football season. If in fact there is football this fall at the collegiate level, it's definitely going to look a lot different.

According to a new report from the Casper Star Tribune, the upcoming college football season for the University of Wyoming will likely consist of 10 games total and will start later than anticipated for the Pokes and the rest of the Mountain West Conference teams.

The conference announced on Wednesday (August 5th) that despite several scheduling models for the upcoming season are still under consideration, the earliest the season could start may be September 26th. Should that be the case, the Wyoming Cowboys would open their season on that date playing on the road at Ball State.

The new pending schedule for the Mountain West calls for an eight-game conference schedule with only two additional games used for non-conference games instead of four. The original schedule for UW had them set to play 12 games total for the season. As of right now, there's also three potential dates when the Mountain West Championship could be played: December 5th, 12th, or 19th.

The preseason camp for the Wyoming Cowboys is set to begin on Friday (August 7th).

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