Sometimes you witness something and then you say "what did I just see?". This is one of those things. There's a wild video that shows a cowboy lasso a cow that had fallen into a pool. After that, it gets weird.

There's no easy way to describe this, so you'll just have to watch it yourself. The redneck play-by-play of this already weird scenario of events just makes it even better.

"Dog bits cow! Oh, cow is in the pool! is going into the pool after the cow!"

I'm not sure who the redneck guy is that is doing the play-by-play, but NASCAR should hire him right now to describe the races whenever they can do it for real again.

The good news is that the video description mentions that no animals were harmed. The cow and dogs came out with no injuries.

Of note is the epic lasso performance by the cowboy. It's no small trick to get the cow on the first try when the cow is coming out from under a diving board. That is one of the many elements that makes this video one for the ages.

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