It's hard to imagine the reality that some children endure. You hope that every single one of them can find healing. One family shared video of a young girl who had suffered horrific abuse receive a special friend to help her heal - a horse.

To protect the privacy of the young girl, I'll keep last names out of this. This moment is about healing and how horses can give kids the relationship they need at a time they need it most.

The young girl's mother did include this information along with the video share to give you context about what happened:

My daughter, Brooklynn, received this gift after she was sexually abused. Horses helped her cope and she begged for one since the first time I took her horseback riding.

I have friends who have had horses help them through difficult times. There's something about the solace and peace you receive when you bond with an animal like this that words can't sufficiently describe.

My heart hurts for kids like this. I had a great childhood and have worked to give my kids an enjoyable home to live in. This video is a reminder of the terrible tragedy that some kids live through. Let's hope and pray that this young girl can find peace with her new horse friend.

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