If you're a mom, you will understand this struggle. There's new video of a mama bear who's trying her best to get 4 tiny cubs across a busy roadway. None of the kids/cubs seemed to want to cooperate.

This bear/traffic drama played itself out a couple days ago in Winsted, Connecticut. Several drivers dropped video of a huge mother bear who had the task of trying to get 4 small young ones across the road. Spoiler Alert: every thing ends happily ever after.

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If you'd like to see this grand bear mom effort from a different perspective and also gaze at a really sweet red Camaro, there's this.

When I first saw videos of this mama bear being shared, I figured it would be in our part of America and not Connecticut. For whatever reason, I never pictured wildlife like this in that state. Accountants? Yes. Bears? No. Obviously I have been proven wrong.

Kudos to these drivers for behaving better than many of our Wyoming tourists and actually staying in their vehicles and not getting out to try and pet the bears.

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