Wyoming is always a hot spot for UFO sightings. A recent video posted to YouTube channel, UFOmania - The truth is out there, shows an unidentified flying object moving at a very high speed over the night sky. The video (shown below), was taken with what appears to be a smartphone, but using some computer software, the editors were able to zoom in on the object.

The close up really does make it look "otherworldly' in origin. Some UFO sightings can be easily identified as weather balloons, drones or helicopters, but I can honestly say I have never seen an earthly vessel that looks like the one captured in the video.

That being said, there could still be a logical explanation. Other than the objects odd shape and placement of lights, was the way it seemed to hover in one place before propelling at a high rate of speed to the left of the camera.

It's also worth noting that whoever filmed the video estimated where it was going to fly prior to the UFO's rapid change in trajectory. Many people pointed that out in the comments section on YouTube, but one person had a very good argument for why the camera person may have done that. LadyNicky007 stated:

Yeah, so? When I see a car or plane coming in a strait line... I expect it to continue in a strait line... Jeez!!🙄

She has a good point... kinda.

Did you happen to see this UFO in the Casper sky?

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