While this actual incident is something that happened in Taiwan, I can 100% see it happening in Wyoming.

At an international kite festival in Hsinchu, Taiwan a young toddler became tangled in the kite strings and flew into the air.

According to this article, the toddler ended up being okay, and only suffered a few scrapes and bruises but, the terror for everyone in the crowd watching is clear.

The incident occurred when a sudden guest of wind (around 35mph) grabbed the kite, and the strings at the end tangled around the toddler and lifted her into the air.

The crowd rushes together and when she came close to their hands they were able to grab her and lower her safely to the ground.

For safety reasons, the festival was quickly ended after the incident.

This video gives another look at the incident and makes it even clearer how quickly everything happened, and how truly terrifyingly high the toddler was.

As previously stated, this incident did not happen in Wyoming, but if this is what happens with a slight 35mph breeze you can imagine how dangerous our 60-90mh gusts could be?

Maybe that's why we don't have a kite festival here?

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