Pee Wee sports are always fun to watch, because you never really know what little kids are going to do, but you can bet it will be original, funny and probably a one of a kind experience.

A viral video sharing account on Twitter by the name of BestVideosBest, recently shared a short little video that stirs up all kinds of different emotions. In the 25-second video, you see a little girl kicking a soccer ball when a girl on the opposite team completely body checks. What's funny is the slightly larger blocker girl literally flexes in a wrestling style square off stance. That's were the laughter begins. A flood of different emotions comes after.

The girl in the blue starts crying. Rather than continue the flex, the blocker girl reaches out to console the other and ultimately gives the girl in a blue a hug.

It's the cutest exchange ever. I went from laughing, to darn near crying, to "oohs and awws". Before watching the above video, I didn't know it was possible to go through that many emotions in under 30 seconds.

While the entire video was amusing, it's still nice to see compassion in the world, especially being demonstrated by a child, at such a young age, and in sports, no less. Someone has most definitely been raised correctly. Big props to the parents.

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