Well, here we go again. After a few weeks of sustained, warm-ish weather, the growth of new green grass and chirping of birds, I thought we were finally out of the woods. I really thought it was spring for real! I guess that's what I get for assuming, right? Wyoming always likes to play tricks like this on those who live within her borders.

So here are a few ways to blindly deny what's happening outside as if you had your fingers in your ears and sang to keep from hearing the snow outside!

1. Make it unseasonably warm in your house. 

Get a bright light, crank up the heat, and set up a lounge chair in your kitchen. You can pretend you're lounging on your porch in the summer. Make some lemonade and put on your spring and summer clothes, and maybe some sunglasses. If it's summer inside your house, who cares what it is outside?

2. Wear a blindfold. 

Warning, this might mean you'll have to conscript one of your friends to drive you around all day and lead you where you need to go. But at least you won't see the snow!

3. Go elsewhere. 

Do you ever notice how as soon as you cross the Wyoming/ Colorado border, it's always warmer with more picturesque weather on the CO side? It's like Colorado is the Eagleton to Wyoming's Pawnee. Well, you can take a little trip. Use up some PTO and go south until it's warm enough for you. Then stay there for approximately 12 hours, and drive home. The snow will be gone by the time you get back.

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