This is pretty exciting news, especially if you're looking to host a big party or event. Cash-Wa Direct is holding its grand reopening today and it's the perfect opportunity for you to go check out the business in Downtown Cheyenne. The biggest part of their grand reopening news is that anyone can shop at Cash-Wa. They're not a grocery store or a big box store, so you won't have to feel the anxiety of waiting in a self-checkout forever.

What does Cash-Wa have?

Cash-Wa Direct is a cash and carry store and they service everything from restaurants to c-stores, and again, THEY'RE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. You'll be able to snag restaurant-quality food for retail prices. They also have restaurant-style equipment with appliances that you can't get just anywhere like professional scales, aprons, and more. They also have commercial cleaning supplies for the front of house and back for restaurants.

What are the perks of shopping at Cash-Wa Direct?

Aside from the restaurant's quality food for a retail price, there's no membership, no fees, no long lines, and great customer service.

What are Cash-Wa Direct's hours in Cheyenne?

Cash-Wa in Cheyenne is open Monday through Friday 9 AM to 6 PM and Saturdays 9 AM to 1 PM. They're also located at 1506 Thomes Ave. in Cheyenne, next to Chronicles Distilling.

One of my favorite parts about checking out Cash-Wa, was their coffee. Yes, they have their own coffee brand called Trips Canyon Coffee. A lot of convenience stores use their coffee and they have nice robust beans.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the grand reopening of Cash-Wa. You can find more information on Cash-Wa Direct here or call them at 307-638-8592. You can also order from that link and pick up right at the store.

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