This time of year is absolutely amazing! Unless of course you hate being spooked and scared of course. We are just over two weeks away from Halloween and as it gets closer, everyone is getting ready, almost as if there's something in the air about this time of year. Everyone likes to talk about scary stories or haunted spots. So where's the most haunted city in Wyoming, and better yet, what haunted city has had the most ghost sightings?

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, there's a reason why there are ghost sightings in any one particular spot, wherever it is that may be. Some of those reasons just might be unexplained. In any event, there is a particular city that is known as the most haunted in Wyoming because of how many ghost sightings that have been reported there.

First off, Wyoming has had the third to least amount of ghost sightings of any state. That only makes sense because there are fewer people here given our lowest population in the U.S. If there were more people to see such ghost sightings, we would be higher up on the list. Only Hawaii and Vermont had a lower number of reported ghost sightings than Wyoming. We had a total of 213. That's a far cry from Texas, which had the most at 7,315.

So of the 213, where do you think they would be? Cheyenne? Casper? Jackson? Laramie? Nope, not even close. The most haunted city in Wyoming based on that city having the most reported ghost sightings is Gillette. They have had 34 reported ghost sightings. That is a pretty decent number given the fact that of all the cities with the most reported ghost sightings in their respective state, Wyoming was ironically 34th on that list.

Personally, in the two years I've lived in Wyoming, I've never been to Gillette, so I wouldn't even know where to investigate any of this if I wanted to. However, based on that same report, there is one spot in particular in Gillette that is the most haunted spot. Fittingly enough for Halloween, that particular most haunted spot is a graveyard, Mount Pisgah Cemetery.

It it really haunted? Let's see...

Mount Pisgah Cemetery

Not that you can really tell much from those, but it does give off the creepy vibe. What's up those animals? Don't get me wrong, they're impressive carvings out of tree stumps, but if I saw those things around me in a graveyard, I'd be a little creeped out.

Try not to scare yourselves too much out there, Wyoming!

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