Most Wyomingites know the history of the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Powell, WY. We know of it from a more racist era when it was highly populated, as a World War II camp for the relocation of Japanese from our west coast. Did you know it has also been a sight for spiritual activity? That’s certainly not from gospel sing-a-longs, though some say they’ve heard things.

Daytime around the former relocation center is quiet, although a friendly spirit may follow you around. But at night, it is reported that so-called Shadow People are active. Witnesses have heard footsteps and noises and had a feeling of being watched.

On a list of Wyoming's Top 5 most haunted places, Heart Mountain was even given a tie for second most haunted with Warren Air Force Base (Buffalo’s Occidental Hotel was first.) All were ranked by the amount of paranormal activity somehow measured for what is called an EHP rating. (Let’s not even ask what that stands for.)

Heart Mountain can sure scare us in many ways even when it’s not October. Maybe after creepy clowns Halloween, next we’ll start seeing Creepy Santas?

Have you ever visited Heart Mountain yourself?  I wonder if anyone else had this thought: If there is a place that deserves to be haunted – maybe it’s Heart Mountain.