Maybe you've seen the meme around. Maybe you've even heard the song itself, or people pretending to be the "screaming cowboy" in the sky. But that doesn't stop the questions. Why does this exist, and where did it come from?

The why is a little easy. It's a video by Australian singer, songwriter, and occasional actor, Kirin J Callinan. While the song itself might seem like a parody akin to What Does The Fox Say from 2010, it's a serious solo effort from the artist, and as such he found some big names to be included in the music video, including  Connan Mockasin from New Zealand.

But the man himself. The "Screaming Cowboy," Is actually well-known artist, also from Australia, Jimmy Barnes. What took Jimmy from a serious music career to screaming into the clouds is the part of the "why" we may never answer. Jimmy himself says that he just "screamed like a banshee" when asked to lend his voice to the song.

As a Wyomingite, however, the strangest part of this video might be the strange duet between two "cowboys," who decide in the end that "This town is big enough for the two of us."

Cowboys, screaming, techno or not, the video has become a meme, with parodies, remixes, and even a 10 hour version of just Jimmy Barnes screaming into the abyss. Because that's exactly what you need to liven up your next party. What do you think is going on with this bizarre screaming cowboy, and does it make you want to scream into the Wyoming sky next time you're out on your horse?

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