It seems that men here in the Cowboy State sport the goatee the most out of the beard styles, according to The Black Tux.

Ever since Duck Dynasty, beards have become popular or just facial hair in general. The folks at Black Tux determined which state sported which style the most by searching in Google Trends the most popular or most searched beard style in every state.

Men in Wyoming enjoy their goatees but the surrounding states all go with the mustache look. This look was really popular in the 80s and seems to be coming back. It looks like Wyoming joined the rest of the country with picking goatee as its most popular beard style. If you don't know what a goatee is it is where the man grows facial hair under his lip, around his mouth and then connecting under the chin. So, the only hair on the face is around the mouth.

The least popular beard style is Yeard which is popular in Illinois. A yeard beard is when you grow your mustache pretty long, shaving the upper part of your cheeks and letting the rest of your facial hair grow.

What beard style do you sport?

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