It might be one of the most underrated things in your entire house, but everyone needs their own go-to kitchen gadgets in their households. No matter where you live, it's very possibly one of the most important things you have in your possession. So what is the most popular kitchen gadget in all of Wyoming?

Surety First Insurance Services recently went out of their way to find out what the most popular kitchen gadget is in every state based on info taken from Google trends. It could be anything from a peeler to an air fryer to a waffle maker to an ice cube tray. Those are just a few of the kitchen gadgets selected in the survey.

Some kitchen gadgets were extremely unique as well. For instance, Connecticut's most popular kitchen gadget was a sushi maker. In Missouri, their main gadget is a hot dog toaster.

What? I've never even heard of that. Alaska even has an ice cream maker! Making ice cream? What year is this?

In Wyoming, it seems that we share our most popular kitchen gadget with two other states and somehow, that makes it the most popular kitchen gadget in the U.S. somehow. Again, there were a wide range of kitchen gadgets that made this list. So what is it in Wyoming?

Apparently in the Cowboy State, our most popular kitchen gadget is a Crock-Pot. Sharing this same pick are South Dakota and West Virginia. It seems that rural states love their slow cookers. In a similar fashion, Idaho and Tennessee had the Instant Pot and Multicooker as their most popular kitchen gadget, respectively.

Personally, as someone who is not much for cooking whatsoever, except for maybe a grill cheese sandwich. The kitchen gadget that made the very diverse list in this survey that I use the most might actually be the Electric Wine Opener that was a favorite in Louisiana. Although I think I need to learn how to use an Air Fryer like Indiana and Kansas picked. That would probably be the most useful in my case.

So enjoy your Crockpots, Wyoming! Of course, if you're in the market for one, there's several to choose from on Amazon here. Bon appetit!

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