As Spring is technically about to get underway this weekend, many people are surely looking forward towards warmer temperatures (eventually). And with warmer temperatures comes road trip season. If you're on the road, it's always good to have a snack for your long drive. For Wyomingites, what is your favorite snack to have during any given road trip?

If I'm taking a trip, it's pretty much always the same thing; energy drinks and beef jerky. With Wyoming having a pretty decent appreciation for Beef Jerky, I thought maybe that might be the pick for any given Wyomingites road trip. However, that is not the case. Although that is one of the options that at least one state picked as their favorite. So what is the Cowboy State's favorite?

Before we get to that, there's definitely a shocking result that came from several states. According to the study posted by Upgraded Points, the West region in the U.S. has several states that prefer 'Rice Cakes' as their favorite road trip snack. What?

Personally, I've never heard of Rice Cakes (of all things) being a preferred road trip snack for anyone. Is that a thing? As someone that is originally from the Midwest, this came as a shock to me. Midwesterners prefer real snacks, like Potato Chips, which happened to be the favorite snack for the Midwest, or at least a variation of it like Pork Rinds or Flamin' Hot Cheetos, which were also options picked as favorites by other states.

In Wyoming, we definitely did NOT pick Rice Cakes as our favorite! We agreed with the Midwest and went with Potato Chips. And one thing is for sure, at least it's not Rice Cakes! Like seriously, what's the deal with that?

Whatever your preferred road trip snack is, unless it's Rice Cakes, be sure to load up for your road trips. Spring is almost here, Wyoming!

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