We've asked you if you only had one food to choose from at Cheyenne Frontier Days, what would it be?  I investigated the food on the midway and there's a SLEW!

I was completely amazed by what I found on the Carnival Midway, sure there were the usual fav's the corn dogs, the popcorn the slushies, but much to my surprise, I found MUCH more than I could have possibly imagined!

The usual funnel cakes are now much more fancier and come in all sorts of varieties, including the "Red Velvet Funnel Cake with Cream Cheese!"  If barbecue is what you're looking for, you'll FIND it, anything from pulled pork to sausages to Kabobs all fired up on the grill.  Check out this video and see if you can narrow down just ONE food on the midway that would be your favorite!

Have you tried any of the food on the midway this year, and has it changed your mind on what your favorite "food fair" is now?  You can still vote for your favorite food here, and we'll let you know the results!