Happy National Tortilla Chip Day, Wyoming! I had no idea that was a thing, but apparently, it is. Maybe celebrate by having some tortilla chips and...well, whatever exactly is your favorite tortilla chip dip! Let's find out what Wyoming's is...

Zippia recently did some research through Google search data in order to find out what each state's favorite tortilla chip dip is, seeing as how February 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day (which is bizarre since March 23rd, just about a month from now, is National Chip & Dip Day). In case you were thinking that Wyoming's favorite chip dip has to be salsa, you would be absolutely correct. Of course, that's also the case with 18 states total. Not really a shocker.

Coming in second was guac! I was actually surprised it racked up 15 states for its tally as having been the favorite. By that I mean I was surprised because it seems as if I have lots of friends that, for whatever reason, detest guacamole. I think it's fantastic. Is it better than salsa? That depends on what restaurant you're eating each one.

Seven total states preferred queso blanco, which is also very delicious, but not quite as readily available, hence, why at Mexican restaurants, they give you chips and salsa right away and not endless chips and queso, even though that sounds amazing. However, I'm sure it has something to do with the difference in overhead price for the supply of salsa and queso at any establishment. Also, Wisconsin was the one state to pick beer cheese dip as their go-to, which is also amazing.

Maryland picked crab dip as their favorite and three states picked ranch dip as their favorite probably because everyone who lives in Alabama, Mississippi, and Nebraska are just a bunch of weirdos. I like ranch as much as anyone, but tortilla chips and ranch? C'mon, get real. Be normal. We might as well say the same for Kentucky since they chose French Onion Dip. That's a hard pass.

So enjoy National Tortilla Chip Day with your favorite chips and salsa combo, or go to any Mexican restaurant in town and you'll get them whether you like it or not, and why wouldn't you? It's delicious.

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