The folks at FiveThirtyEight, an opinion poll analysis site dealing with politics, economics, and sports, have delved into the question: If Decision 2016 for the White House was determined by Facebook likes - who would win? Through a cool interactive map, they've sliced and diced the data down country-wide, allowing you to dive deeper by seeing how each state shakes out, and even at the county level. Who does Wyoming "like" most for 2016?

  • Statewide, Ben Carson rules the roost, with 32% of Wyoming likes.
  • Donald Trump comes in 2nd, with 25%.
  • Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are tied at 3rd, with 16% each.
  • Marco Rubio had 7% in Wyoming.
  • Hillary Clinton came in at only 3%.
  • Jeb Bush and John Kasich brought up the rear, each mustering less than 1%.

Likely due to a smaller population, the results are very similar at the county level in many places across Wyoming - with a few major exceptions:

  • Teton County proved to be a large Facebook stronghold for Bernie Sanders, with 49% - with the closest challenger being Ben Carson, at only 18%.
  • Sanders also held a strong, yet smaller lead in Albany County - 37% to Ben Carson's 25%.
  • Although in some counties, the Ben Carson margin was smaller - he still had a commanding lead in almost all counties across Wyoming - with the exception of Sweetwater County, and Campbell County, where Donald Trump leads by a slim margin. (2% ahead in Sweetwater, 1% ahead in Campbell.)

How will social activity stand up to actual results for the 2016 race? We'll find out - but an interesting look at Wyoming's Presidential preferences (at least on Facebook), nonetheless.

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