With the possibility of The United States having it’s first woman president, and Wyoming being named the equality state, how is it we are #2 on the list of 10 worst states for women, right behind Mississippi? Our neighbors in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Kansas and the Dakotas aren’t looking too good either.


247wallst says we still have some inequalities to overcome.

The wage gap is the big issue with a national average of women making 80 cents on the dollar compared to men.

“No state has a larger gap than Wyoming, however, where women earn roughly 64 cents for every dollar. With lower incomes, women are also far more likely to live in poverty than men.”


They say the worst states are:


1 Mississippi

2 Wyoming

3 Idaho

4 Utah

5 South Dakota

6 North Dakota

7 Indiana

8 Montana

9 Alabama

10 Kansas


247wallst factors:

> Female earnings as pct. of male: 64.4% (the lowest)
> Pct. mgmt. jobs held by women: 39.1% (21st lowest)
> Pct. 3-4 yr. olds enrolled in state pre-K: 0% (the lowest)
> Pct. legislative seats held by women: 13.3% (2nd lowest)


In 1869, Wyoming became the first state in the country to grant women’s suffrage, roughly five decades before Congress passed the 19th Amendment. Despite being a leader in this important milestone, conditions in Wyoming today are some of the least favorable for women.

No state, for example, has a wider gender pay gap than Wyoming. The typical female worker earns $36,064, or just 64.4% of the $55,965 male median earnings in the state.


The best states for women are topped by

Rhode Island

New York



It seems the west has some catching up to do. Check out the video of an amazing woman from next door in Utah. Obviously, we in the west are much more than "cowgirls," but I have always held them in great esteem as examples of self sufficiency, honesty and a great work ethic.

Real men have real respect for women and place great value on what they bring. How can these results be real? I am at a loss

Love the women and the cowgirls that make the west great. Give a listen to a good companion song from Brooks & Dunn or George Strait.



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