Fans traveling to the Cowboys football opener and the Cowboy KICKOFF Concert and Pep Rally this weekend are advised of possible delays as they approach Laramie.

Westbound traffic is reduced to a single lane for a short stretch on I-80 east of town due to work on the Remount interchange bridge. Speeds are reduced to 65 miles per hour.

Also, a mill and overlay is in progress on I-80 between the Otto Road and Round Top interchanges. Expect single lane travel with speeds reduced to 65 mph for 10 miles.

In addition, concrete slab repair is underway on I-80 from Round Top to South Greeley Highway in Cheyenne. This affects both lanes where speed is reduced to 65 mph. Crews may be working at spot locations, reducing speeds to 45 MPH for a short distance.

Also, east of Laramie on the interstate, a mill and overlay is in progress between the Happy Jack and Vedauwoo interchanges. Both eastbound and westbound travel is reduced to single lane for six miles in that area. Speeds are reduced to 65 mph.

West of Laramie, a mill and overlay is in progress between the Curtis Street and Herrick Lane Interchanges. Traffic in this area is head-to-head and speeds are reduced to 65 mph in that area.

Much further west of Laramie is a mill and overlay in progress near Sinclair on I-80. In both lanes, the speed limit is reduced to 45 mph during the day and 65 mph the rest of the time.

Perhaps most significant change to visitors will be right in town with the look and function of the newly reconstructed Grand Avenue between 15th and 21st Streets. Several left hand turns have been eliminated, a median installed, and pedestrian crossings updated.

Help plan your route and see how Grand Avenue looks after construction in the video below.