It's never a good thing for anyone to be called 'gross'. But in Wyoming, we really don't have to worry about that so much as a recent study showed that we are one of the least 'grossest states' in the U.S. I mean, we'll take it...?

We all know that there is plenty of beauty when it comes to our country, aesthetically speaking at least. But on the flip side of that are things that are considered 'gross' within the nation. Zippia recently did some research to find what states are considered to be gross. As it turns out, Wyoming is the 7th least gross state in the country.

The factors for grossness were things such as dirty air, percentage of states covered by landfills (trash for short), and spread of illness. They also considered some cultural factors such as 'mayo recipes' and 'people who wear crocs'. I would think those are oddly specific, but it was probably only a matter of time before both of those were called out.

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In terms of the grossest states in the U.S., Virginia takes the title as the grossest state. They were followed by South Carolina and North Carolina. Why are they being so gross in the Carolinas? Pennsylvania finished fourth overall and Texas rounded out the top five. Apparently in Texas, everything is not just bigger, it's also grosser.

As for states that were less gross than Wyoming, it was Alaska taking the top spot for being the least gross, followed by Montana, Nebraska, Idaho, Maine, and Nevada.

But the 7th least gross state in the U.S. is a pretty respectable spot on that list. Can we get that put on a bumper sticker?

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