Every morning, we all need that instant boost. Some people don't even want to have to deal with anyone or anything else until they've had their morning caffeine. We now know just how much Wyoming needs its daily caffeine fix compared to all other states in the country.

Zippia recently decided to research just how much of a caffeine fiend each state in the U.S. is. They did so by using a few main resources: how many cups of coffee are drank in each state on average, the percentage of residents drinking soda or sugary juices every day (I'm assuming that includes energy drinks, I drink lots of those), and the amount of Google searches for 'coffee near me.' Regardless of how they came up with those results, when all was said and done, Wyoming is the 24th most caffeinated state in the country.

We're pretty moderate caffeine drinkers based on that ranking. Our neighbors to the south in Colorado are the 3rd most caffeinated state. They need lots of caffeine it seems. Or at least they would like to make it seem like they need it.

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Speaking of other oddities in the survey, Oregon Googles 'coffee near me' more than any other state. How basic of them. They came in as 8th overall in the rankings. Vermont is the most caffeinated state overall while Delaware is the least. But if you're in New Mexico, you drink more cups of coffee than any other state with 2.4 cups of joe per day.

So 24th overall isn't bad in Wyoming. Right in the meaty party of the curve. Not showing off, but not falling behind. And at least it makes me feel like I'm not completely addicted to Monster energy drinks. Either way, be sure to get your morning boost however you can, Wyoming. We might need it to get through Friday so we can get to the weekend.

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