(UPDATE) A Wyoming man fatally shot in a motel lobby by a Billings police officer has been identified as 32-year-old Kyle W. Killough of Gillette. That's according to Yellowstone County Deputy Coroner Cliff Mahoney, who said an autopsy confirmed Killough had three gunshot wounds to the chest.

Police officers responded to a call at about 4 a.m. Thursday morning from a desk clerk at the Days Inn on Parkway. Police Chief Rich St. John says the man was in  clerk's office with a semi-automatic handgun, had refused orders to drop the weapon and was turning to face officers when one of them fired three shots.
The officer who shot Killough, officer David Raschkow, will be on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

(Original Post) A police officer shot and killed a 32-year-old Wyoming man at a Billings motel early Thursday.It happened at the Days Inn on Parkway.

According to Billings police, at approximately 4 a.m., communications center personnel received a call from the night clerk reporting that a white male in his early 30s had walked into the lobby area carrying a magazine for a semi-automatic handgun. The caller said the subject was acting “strange.” Specifically, talking to himself, making non-sensical statements, and was looking at all the security cameras.

Before officers arrived, the night clerk called back and reported that the subject was now brandishing a handgun. Again, the subject was behaving strangely, threatened the clerk, got behind the front counter, and at one point put the gun to his head. The clerk was able to get out of the office area and officers arrived within two minutes of the original call. Responding officers found the subject behind the front counter with the door closed. They could see a semi-automatic handgun in his possession.

For approximately 20 minutes, officers attempted to convince the subject to move away from, or put the gun down and come out of the office. The subject was not cooperative and displayed erratic and at times volatile behavior. Police report dialogue was difficult as most things he said did not make sense. A BPD negotiator arrived on scene and attempted to talk to the subject. He was not successful for the same reasons previously mentioned. While officers were trying to negotiate, the subject was sitting at the security console scrolling through camera views and could see where officers were positioned. He also made statements that he was going to start shooting.

Approximately 20 minutes in, the subject, who at the time was sitting at the computer with his back to the lobby stood up and began to turn. Officers saw that he had the handgun in his left hand and yelled at him to stop. As he turned toward officers positioned in the lobby, Officer David Raschkow, a seven-year veteran, a fired three rounds from his patrol rifle and struck the suspect in the chest. Officers opened the office door, pulled the conscious and talking suspect out and administered first aid until medical arrived.

The suspect was transported to the hospital where he later died from his wounds. His name is being withheld until notifications are made.

No officers or civilians were injured in the incident.

As is policy, Rashkow was placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

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