Perhaps this shouldn't be such a surprise to see Wyoming recognized as one of the 'hardest-working states in America'. The Cowboy State has that reputation for being hard-nosed when it comes to getting the job done so it only makes sense really. But Wyoming is right near the top of the list when it comes the America's hardest-working states. Let's find out where exactly they finished...

A recent study compared all 50 states across 10 main determining factors to make up the list of the hardest-working states in the country. Such determining factors consisted of 'average workweek hours', 'workers with multiple jobs', and 'annual volunteer hours per resident'. For 2021, Wyoming finished in the 6th spot on the list.

In two key determining categories, Wyoming finished in the top three. The Cowboy State finished third in highest average workweek hours and also third in the nation lowest average leisure time spent per day. Basically, we have a pretty good work ethic, Wyoming.

The states finishing ahead of Wyoming were Alaska, as they topped the list in the number one spot, followed by North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas to round out the top five. Our friends to the south in Colorado finished at 13th on the list.

The bottom five states on the list were Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, West Virginia, and New Mexico. Check out the map below to find out where all the other states finished.

But well done, Wyoming! The last couple years haven't been easy for anyone, but yet, we keep plugging away and working through it to persevere on through. Given our reputation as I eluded to previously, are we really surprised Wyoming finished near the top of the list?

Source: WalletHub

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