It's 'touron' season here in Wyoming. Already this year, we've seen several moronic tourists endanger our wildlife and desecrate our public lands. Luckily, officials at Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks have a new plan to help protect our toilets from gassy guests.

This year, park rangers have installed new signs in public restrooms intended to keep Asian tourists from breaking unfamiliar Western toilets. The signs illustrate the proper way to use an upright commode.

For many visitors from China and Japan, sitting on an elevated toilet seat is a foreign concept. In most Asian countries, it's customary to squat above the floor while relieving themselves.

As a result, 12 public toilets in Grand Teton National Park were either broken or damaged last year by tourists standing and squatting on the toilet seat instead of sitting down.

At first, park officials were baffled by the sudden damage. Then, they consulted with a Chinese student, who helped them devise the illustrated instructions, which have now been placed in 42 public restrooms.





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