A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit one of the world's best BBQ cities, if not THE best, Kansas City.

While it's true you can find good BBQ in Wyoming, good sea food in the midwest, and solid sushi in the south, there is also truth that regionally some places just do food better. Lobster in Maine is better than anywhere else, sushi in Seattle is phenomenal, gumbo in New Orleans will blow your mind.

In Wyoming - nobody does beef better. If you're looking for a top notch steak or burger, you're in the right place.

Unfortunately we don't always have the luxury to travel to get our food fixes - so we make do with what we have. And in Wyoming, we are limited with BBQ, but luckily there are a few solid choices.

Here's my top 5, please feel free to add to it!

*Laramie is quickly becoming the BBQ capitol of the state. The annual Griller's Cup contest is held in the Gem City and features some of the best BBQ in the region. At Boomer's on S. 2nd Street, the pulled pork lunch is a great deal.

*This place is fairly new to the Casper area, but came out swinging with amazing ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. The "Tennessee Triple" option is the best best for your money. It comes with ribs, chicken, and pulled pork!

*A little touristy? Sure, but you are in Jackson after all. The unique thing about Bubba's is not only is it great for lunch and dinner, but they do breakfast right. The honey smoked salmon omelette is wonderful!

*If you find yourself in Campbell County, type Pokey's into your GPS and get there immediately. The hearty BBQ lunch is recommended. Brisket, pork, turkey, chicken, and sausage for $10.50.

*Like your BBQ with a view? Up In Smoke in beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming is a great spot. If you've got a big appetite, the "Harv Stacker" includes layers of beef, gravy, garlic bread, and mashed potatoes. Now that's all kinds of goodness!


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