Some cities have a Starbucks or Dunkin (formerly Dunkin Donuts) located on every corner. And typically their drive thru lines are wrapped around the building. However, that's not the case for Cheyenne when it comes to coffee shops. We definitely have more a local vibe with coffee shops around the capital city. So where is the best coffee shop in all of Wyoming? It just so happens that it's in downtown Cheyenne.

The popular food and beverage publication 'Tasting Table' searched far and wide to find the best coffee shop in every state. Their research was based on surveying residents of each state, as well as gathering reviews from the Internet. In Wyoming, it seems there's a much more local feel around the state in various cities, but especially in Cheyenne, which contains the best coffee shop in the state. This particular establishment is no different either. And their coffee is pretty fantastic as well. The best coffee shop in all of Wyoming is the Paramount Cafe in downtown Cheyenne.

'Tasting Table' had solid reasons for their choice. Here's what they had to say about the downtown Cheyenne establishment:

While Cheyenne's Paramount Theater hasn't shown any first-run flicks in a while now, it's still a central part of life in downtown, now in its new incarnation as Paramount Cafe. The city's most noted coffee house serves coffee, yes, but also showcases local artists in its gallery and local musicians on its stage. And when the weather is cooperating also lets you enjoy your java – or a cocktail – in its spacious back garden.

It's definitely tough to argue against that. Not only do they have some great coffee, but they also have some very clever signs on their marquee from time to time which is nice bonus even when you walk or drive by.

So forget about the commercial spots for coffee, head downtown to Paramount Cafe in downtown Cheyenne at 1607 Capitol Ave! After all, according to certain sources, they're the best coffee shop in Wyoming!

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