Guilty pleasures. So bad, they're good. You love to hate them, make fun of them, but most of all- watch them. Every state has its own favorite "Bad Movie," so which one is the preferred B-rated movie to pop in the DVD player in the Cowboy State?

Century Link looked at the Google Trends data for movies with the lowest scores on IMDB, cross-checking that list against the states looking for information about them, and compiled a list of the favorite bad movie in each state.

Colorado's favorite guilty pleasure is Jack & Jill, starring Adam Sandler, which has the worst critical score of any movie on the list. In fact, it won 10 Razzie awards, more than any other.  Utah and South Dakota both love Batman and Robin, the movie that almost killed George Clooney's career in the late '90s. Idaho's favorite is the Mike Meyer's flop The Love Guru.

But in Wyoming? We like it a little more wild. Wild Wild West, with Will Smith, Kevin Kline, and Salma Hayek is the Cowboy State's favorite bad movie. And I have to agree. I mean, it has Kenneth Branagh as its villain, and even had its own hip-hop title track.

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