The Official Video for Miranda Lambert's latest hit isn't even set to be released until Thursday, March 1st. It's already causing a stir, as is the song itself.

Our friends from THE BOOT are featuring an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the production of the video. This is Miranda's first video in over a year. Over You is a sad, sad song, and the setting of the video is stunning; the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee.

The song has so much going for it. It was co-written by Blake Shelton and was inspired by the death of Blake's older brother Richie in a terrible car accident more than 20 years ago.

Here's Miranda, speaking on the importance of the song.

I've never cried writing a song, and I don't know that I ever will again. After we wrote it, Blake said he couldn't record this song for himself or sing it on stage every night but he would be honored for me to. Over You is one of the most special songs I'll ever be a part of.

This song is going to be a monster. Once people get a look at the official video, and country radio starts spreading the story about its origin, Miranda will definitely have her second hit from her latest CD, Four the Record.

Follow this link to THE BOOT and enjoy the behind the scenes shoot. Once the official video is released, we here at will be proud to feature it.

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