Brad Paisley was always a fan of  Alabama.  In fact, who wasn't?  But, not too many fans have the opportunity to hand out props to one of their favorite bands by making a hit song about them.  

The song "Old Alabma" features Brad and the three founding members of the group appear on the track.  

Paisley says he's still pinching himself  'cause he can't believe he had the good fortune to have them guest on his song. When asked if the band would allow Paisley and his band to sample some of the most recognizable riffs in the industry, Randy Owen said he that it was a great idea and that he was surprised anyone cared about their music anymore.

Well, the old fans never stopped caring, and now the song "Old Alabama" is sure to make a whole new group of fans for one of the great, seminal bands in country music.

Here's a great performance of the song from the 2011 ACM's