Now that bank accounts are starting to recuperate from the holidays, maybe you're thinking it's time to treat yourself to a small gift. Whether you live in Laramie and want to display your hometown pride, or live in a different state (or even a different country), craft website Etsy has a range of gifts perfect for decorating any Laramigo's home, and for fairly reasonable prices!

  • Laramie Map Wall Print

    This print comes in various sizes, ranging from 8x10 inches to 24x36 inches, depending on whether you want a more subtle display of your love for the Gem City, or a bold declaration that takes up a significant chunk of wall, but might come in handy for friends and family to get a sense of where they're going when they come to visit.

  • Downtown Photo Print

    For those that want to show everyone that Wyoming is not just the Wild West (anymore), this print with a great view of the downtown Laramie area helps showcase the small-town charm and classic architecture of the Gem City.

  • Happy Jack Ski Area Poster

    Maybe this one isn't technically a Laramie-themed gift, but if you or someone you know is a Laramie-area ski enthusiast, this piece of art is perfect to hang on the wall. At $75, it may run a little bit pricey for some folks, but for an 18x24 inch handmade painting, doesn't that seem like a good deal?

  • University of Wyoming Print

    Perfect for the current UW student, or even the UW alumnus in your life. With its vibrant brown and gold coloring, and a heart over Laramie's location in the state, this print lets visitors know where your heart truly lies.

  • Laramie Decorative Pillow

    This was one of my favorite finds because of its practical applications in addition to its visual appeal. Since there are few (if any) Laramie-specific postcards to be found, you can instead put one on your couch!

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