Wyoming is a wonderful state, full of unrivaled scenery and wide open spaces. It can also be a very dangerous place, if you're not careful.

Here's a list of five completely random things that could kill you here in the Cowboy State.

1. Wildlife Selfies - Ever year, millions of tourists visit Yellowstone Park to get up and close and personal with wildlife. Lately, there has been a disturbing trend of injuries due to people approaching dangerous animals for photos. Last year, five people were hospitalized after being gored by bison while attempting to pose for a "wildlife selfie".

2. Falling into hot springs - Since 1890, at least 20 people have died in and around Yellowstone Park after falling into thermal pools, some of which reach temperatures over 250 degrees.

3. Super Volcano eruption - Yellowstone National Park was formed by a massive caldera "super volcano" that scientists fear could erupt sometime within the next 70 years. If, and when, that happens, the catastrophic event could kill millions of people across the western United States.

4. Escalator accidents - There are only two escalators in the entire state of Wyoming, which can be both a blessing or a curse. Unless you work at the Hilltop National Bank or First National Bank in Casper, you're chances of being injured on an escalator are slim.

However, our unfamiliarity with escalators could pose a risk for Wyoming residents visiting other states. In 2008, a Casper girl was serious injured after falling from an escalator in Iowa.

5. A Taco Bell sign could fall on your head - In 2009, a couple from Wyoming drove to North Platte, Nebraska, to pick up a couple of dogs they had purchased online. Before they arrived, the owner of the dogs was killed when a Taco Bell sign fell on her truck.

Although the incident happened in Nebraska, a similar tragedy could easily occur again here in Wyoming, where high wind gust are capable of blowing over any number of large objects.

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