In August of 2017, the state of Wyoming reached an agreement with online hospitality company, Airbnb to collect occupancy taxes from those staying in rented homes and apartments in the Cowboy State. One year later, and the agreement seems to be paying off, with nearly 1.1 million dollars worth of taxes being collected for Wyoming.

During this period, according to the Casper Star Tribune, there were just over 56 thousand guests staying in Wyoming. This amounted to nearly $9 million dollars in revenue for the Airbnb hosts.

Airbnb operates on the principle that homeowners can rent out their properties to those traveling or staying in the area, and collect fees based on the rental prices they set for their rooms. While it works great in large cities to get a different experience than the typical hotel, it's especially useful in rural places like Wyoming, where a town might not even have hotel accommodations, or the guest would rather stay in the wilderness to get away for a little while.

Wyoming has approximately 1600 Airbnb hosts listed on the site currently, with ski cabins, ranches, and even a sheepherder wagon being available to rent for the night.

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