In case you missed it, a 'Bomb Cyclone' is currently making its way up the West Coast. The term itself sounds like one of the most terrifying thing ever and so far, a lot of California has either experienced it or is currently experiencing it. But what exactly is a bomb cyclone? And is it possible that this bomb cyclone could hit Wyoming?

For a reasonable explanation, a 'bomb cyclone' happens when a mid-latitude cyclone intensifies rapidly as atmospheric pressure drops dramatically over a 24-hour period. The storm will be stronger as the pressure drops lower. This particular bomb cyclone has winds hitting the coast at 70 to 90 miles per hour, which is roughly about the same as a Category 1 hurricane.

If you happened to see any of the Sunday Night Football game last night (October 23rd) between the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts in Santa Clara, CA, you saw at least the outskirts of the storm that dropped plenty of rain throughout the night on national television.

The storm hit San Francisco hard yesterday as the city set a record with 4.02 inches of rain downtown. That record shattered the October record for the city which was back in 2009 with a mere 2.48 inches of rain. That's quite a difference.

Approximately 160,000 customers in California lost power yesterday due to the storm. Here's a look at what the storm did in San Rafael, CA

The bomb cyclone was so bad in the bay area, here's what happened on a bridge.

And further north in California, the storm dropped plenty of snow since about 10 p.m. PST last night.

In the Sierra Nevada Mountains, they're getting about eight feet of now at their elevations. While we, in southeast Wyoming, are not exactly as high as they are they are there, you can bet that given our relatively high elevation, we would receive a decent amount of snow in such a storm. So is it headed our way?

Luckily, for us, this type of storm will stay out on the west coast for its duration. It is currently headed almost right up the coast through Oregon and into Washington state. However, it seems that California and Oregon have gotten the worst of the storm. Perhaps tonight's Monday Night Football game in Seattle may be affected with the Seattle Seahawks hosting the New Orleans Saints.

Let's be thankful that such a storm hasn't made its way to Wyoming. Sure, there's high winds that are forecasted over the next several days, but I think we're all willing to put up with that instead of something as terrifying as a bomb cyclone.

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