To Wyoming's High School Coaches,

Thank you.

At any given time your job is not an easy one.

Teenagers are arguably the most emotionally volatile creatures on the planet, and that's when they are well-rested and fed.

Yet, we ask you to work with them when they've already had a full day of school.

Not only do we ask you to work with them, we expect you to push them to the edge of their physical and mental limits, and create focused successful athletes.

I know that you have had your own full workday before you come to practice, you have your own families waiting for you to come home.

Yet you set aside the stress of the day, the guilt from being away from your family, to focus on my child and their teammates.

Thank you.

As grouchy as I am to miss sleeping in on the weekends to drive my High School athlete to the bus, I know you too are waiting in the freezing dark Wyoming mornings to board a bus (full of the aforementioned grouchy teenagers) at 4:30 am.

I've seen you holding your breath during a wrestling match, jumping up and down after a touchdown, grabbing the volleyball player for a quick comforting hug after a slip or fall.

I've seen you offer support and encouragement as an athlete is emotionally devastated from a game or match that didn't go as planned.

Instead of berating them for their tears, you praise them for their heart and help them focus on the next success that is surely ahead of them if they just keep working.

You are helping me to create children that will be leaders as they move forward in their lives.

Thank you.

Let's talk about the extra challenges you have faced in the last year, challenges none of us could have imagined.

A worldwide pandemic hit and suddenly every single aspect of High School athletics was questioned.

Should we have a season? Is it safe? How do we keep athletes and coaches safe? Where do we find the money to take the extra precautions required of us? Is it worth it?

Honestly, no one would have blamed you if had decided to take a year off.

But, with true Wyoming grit, you tackled (football pun intended) each problem and worked until you found a solution.

You didn't give up on our programs because you KNEW what it meant to your athletes and their families.

You had grouchy parents complaining about masks and limited seating at events, and last minute cancelations.

Yet you held your head high and kept pushing forward.

You kept your focus on the important part...your purpose and reason for it all.

Your athletes getting to play, achieve, learn, and grow through their participation in High School level sports.

Thank you.

In a year full of isolation and fear, I can tell you with 100% certainty your decision to push through the challenges and be there for your athletes (and us their parents) has SAVED LIVES.

Thank you.

Prairie Wife aka The Crazy Mom In The Stands Screaming Supportive Comments Yet Having No Idea What The Rules Of The Sport Are

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