There was something scary roaming the halls of the famous Stanley Hotel in the early morning hours, and we're not talking about the ghosts. While the hotel, nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Estes Park sees it's fair share of wild animals on the grounds, never before has a visitor tried to check in quite like this one.

A bear was filmed hanging out in the lobby of the hotel in the early morning hours while guests were still asleep. You can see the bear trying out all of the furniture in the lobby, making itself at home and checking out the decor. A very brave person captured it all on film.

According to 9News out of Denver, Vice President of Business Development, Reed Rowley said, "It's the Stanley Hotel and you never know what's going to happen." The bear slipped right back out the window and ran off into the night without damaging anything or being spotted by any guests. Just another apparition in the famously Haunted hotel, but this time with a bit more bite behind it's appearance.

Fans of The Shining may remember the Stanley Hotel as the inspiration for Stephen's King's 1977 novel after a stay at the picturesque hotel left him shivering. The bear was probably not aware of it's reputation, but we almost think we can hear him say "Come play with us, Danny."


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