Taking advantage of Labor Day weekend, my wife and I hit the road to take in a late summer trip to the Snowy Range and Saratoga. The awesome beauty of Wyoming includes Mirror Lake, where you wish you could camp, but it is day use only. Understandable. It is a great place to picnic, fish and hike.

Cooper, Townsquare Media

The tastiest part of the trip was our lunch at the Hotel Wolf Restaurant. The waitress was friendly and attentive but not hovering. The food was beautifully presented and tasty. The weird part was flatulence noises from consolidating mustard containers in the dining room.



While hanging out in Saratoga, oddly enough, we ran into my wife’s boss, so far from home. He had already done the hot springs while we were on our way there. We had a great time there, even though I have mercifully spared you pictures of me in my swimsuit.

Cooper, Townsquare Media








The only negatives were at a gas station in Laramie, where they had rip-off prices that seemed to give the finger to tourists. We bought nothing there, so instead of a little profit, they made none. The other negative was all of the haze from the Montana and Oregon fires. I feel so sorry for those people and animals.


There you have it, a small slice of "how I spent my summer vacation."