With Thanksgiving coming up real soon, I bet everyone's already preparing to get their groceries for the dinner.

With the avian flu outbreak, the U.S. government warned of a shortage of turkeys this Thanksgiving. According to CDC data, the bird flu has killed more than 8 million turkeys.

However, folks won't have to worry about not having turkeys this Thanksgiving. It's just that, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said that finding 20-pound turkeys in some regions of the country could be challenging. The turkeys that are being raised right now may not have the full amount of time to get to 20 pounds, before Thanksgiving.

Due to this as well, compared to last year, turkey prices rose by around 28%. The price of an eight to 16-pound turkey has risen to $1.47 a pound, up from $1.15 last year.

The recent Consumer Price Index showed prices for uncooked poultry, which includes turkey, increased 17% in September this year from September 2021.

With that being said, Laramie Live checked out Turkey prices and the availability around town for your convenience.

Turkey Prices In Laramie

As Thanksgiving is coming up, let's take a look at Laramie's turkey prices.

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