The Cheyenne Animal Shelter has come a long way since its beginning. It came together back on August 1st of 1970 as a group of local citizens came together with a shared vision of helping animals throughout the community. They have continued to take care of thousands of animals year after year as they quietly celebrated their 50 year anniversary in 2020.

Sue Casteneda, the CEO of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter recently told Wyoming News Now how thankful they are for the community's continued support and how the pandemic has slightly overshadowed its 50th anniversary. Casteneda also pointed out the fact that the rate at which they had to euthanize has dropped significantly, especially since 2012.

It feels good to know that we’ve taken care of thousands of animals a year and I often just get people saying hey you got me a dog, you got me a cat and I just love that...We are sometimes forced to have to euthanize and so we are just so pleased to be able to say that our live release rate for dogs and cats is in the mid 90%.

The shelter has had continued growth over the years. Casteneda began her involvement back in 1999 with fundraising efforts and despite leaving in 2005, she came back in 2015 and takes pride in how the shelter has come along over the years. She also mentioned how grateful she is for everyone at the animal shelter who has made it what it is as its programs and services continue to serve the Cheyenne community.

You may even hear about certain programs from time to time that the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is involved in throughout the community as they often drop in to talk with the stations at Townsquare Media. Thank you to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for everything they have done for the local community in their 50 years and here's to many more!

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