Sam's Club is a magical place where you can get tons of items at a cheaper price and stock up. I tend to shop at the Dell Range Sam's Club about every other week to get items. They have probably the best produce in town and those rotisserie chickens? They're like 10 chefs kisses good. But I digress.

Yesterday, I stopped by for my bi-weekly trip and the store has had a lot of resets. So many so, I wasn't sure where my normal go to items were. There were also new coolers and giant areas sectioned off with plywood walls. On top of not knowing where my millennial avocados were, I had to navigate around other confused people that walk a lot slower than me with reduced space.

I managed to be stuck by the cooler when I noticed this sign.

Mat Murdock Townsquare Media

So, we're getting a walk in produce and dairy cooler in our local Sam's Club? That's awesome! But the next line really excites me, FULL BAKERY COMING SOON! Now, I'm sure that this may not sound as exciting to the average person, but the Sam's Club bakery is the best store bakery that you can find. They'll have all kinds of great breads, pastries, pies, you name it. You can also have cakes personally decorated for special occasions.

If this wasn't enough, I went around another section of new construction to find this.

Mat Murdock Townsquare Media

An expanded meat department and deli? That's awesome, too! I actually worked in the meat department at a Sam's Club when I was in college, so adding more to that department will be really cool.

There's no timeline I could find for these additions to the Dell Range Sam's Club, but it's exciting to see the new departments to serve our community.

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