If you happened to have been on Twitter during any part of Tuesday (January 11th), you may have happened to noticed an abundance of tweets mentioning the capital city in Wyoming. Unfortunately, they weren't exactly the best reasons for it.

There happened to be a tweet that went out from a few different Twitter accounts on both Monday and Tuesday asking, "What's the worst drive in America of at least three hours or more?" Several users asked the question including the popular media Twitter account, @Murph_Andy (The Murphy & Andy Show). Several of the answers happened to include Cheyenne, not to mention I-80 in general. Let's take a look at some of those tweets...

Hey, not bad, we were only mentioned as the second worst in that one...

That's not even all of them, but you get the idea. As you may have noticed, a popular choice of the 'worst drive longer than three hours' was Cheyenne, WY to Lincoln, NE. Personally, having to drive that a number of times myself, I think I would definitely have to agree. Anytime I've had to travel back to my hometown (St. Louis, MO), I'm always asked about the drive, and there isn't a time when I can't mention the fact that Cheyenne to Lincoln is the absolute WORST!

But hey, look at Cheyenne getting so much notoriety for being a rough spot to travel from. See, that's why people want to come here. They don't have to worry about going any further after that. They can just enjoy Cheyenne! We already do!

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