Two dozen large trees will be removed from Cheyenne's Holliday Park over the next couple of weeks, the city announced Wednesday.

City Forester Mark Ellison says most of the trees being removed are cottonwoods which were planted in the early 1900s when the park was established.

"Cottonwoods are short-lived trees and typically have a lifespan of 100 to 120 years," Ellison said in a press release.

"Unfortunately, because of old age and damage from the squirrels, these trees have died considerably and are becoming hazardous," he added.

Ellison says squirrel damage to trees has become a serious problem in several city parks due to residents feeding them, which has increased their numbers to an unmanageable level.

"In addition to mature trees, many newly planted trees are also being heavily damaged and killed by squirrels, which is greatly reducing future forest canopy," Ellison said.

The city is asking residents to not feed squirrels or other wildlife in city parks and on other city properties, so that tree canopy can be restored and maintained, and to stay clear of tree removal operations and abide by any closures.

Ellison says the trees being removed will be replaced with a variety of tree species hardy to Cheyenne.

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