UPDATE: A few online sources are beginning to question if the video is real or not.  We're no experts.  What do you think?

Eagles often represent strength, majesty, pride, power... and now they can represent attempted kidnapping.

In this shocking, yet darkly hilarious, video that is allegedly from Montreal, Canada a large eagle swoops down on a child, after being majestic, in an attempt to make off with him, even making it, what appears, to be at least a foot-plus off the ground.

When the guy with the camera makes it over to a shaken woman and child, we notice that the kid is wearing a beanie hat with round fuzzy ears sewn to the top.  Did the eagle mistake him for a large rodent?  Or did the eagle decide that man-cub was on the menu for the day?  Is the video real at all?

Either way, if the video is real, we're glad the eagle didn't succeed.  But all the same, we'll watch the footage.

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