Finding a new home for your furry friend is never a good time. While there are a variety of reasons someone may want to find a new home for their beloved pets, the phrase that comes up most often is "Free to a good home." But what happens when that home you thought was good turns out to have malicious intentions?


There's an epidemic going around the US right now where individuals who are hoping to completely eliminate pitbull-type dogs as a breed are adopting them from craigslist or facebook groups and having them put down, or dropping them off at high-kill shelters, specifically because of their breed. This movement is on Twitter with the hashtag "#PitbullDropOff." Warning: Do not click that link if you are a dog lover, as depictions of animal violence are present. 

Regardless of your pet's breed, you should always be careful and vet people properly when re-homing a furry member of your family. This is one of the reasons for a "rehoming fee," to prevent the adoption of animals simply to turn around and harm them. A preferable option if you have to find a new home for your pet is to contact a professional no-kill shelter or rescue like Black Dog Animal Rescue. 

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