Halloween isn't only for us humans. Our furry little friends can have some fun too! Our favorite doggie daycare, Elevation Dog Daycare & Pet Resort will be hosting a free Halloween Dog Photoshoot! Or should I say... PAWtoshoot.

Get your best friend dressed up and be a model for a day!

How to get a FREE photoshoot?

It's easy! Just do these:

  • Give them a good Google Review HERE
  • Donate to LAWS
  • Follow them on Facebook or Instagram

LAWS Donation: Paper towels, can lids, cat carriers, towels, small blankets, puppy pads, duct tape, zip ties, and cash

The Event

  • Date: October 28 & 31 (Friday & Monday)
  • Time: 11 AM to 4 PM
  • Location: 2052 N 3rd St. (Elevation Dog Daycare & Pet Resort)

For more information, visit their website HERE or check out the event's Facebook page down below.


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